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* FTC:  As an affiliate for some of these companies I receive compensation if you purchase through these links, at no additional cost to you.  I will only ever share products that I use, know, like, and trust.

Fitness, Wellness, & Beauty

100% Pure is my favorite non-toxic makeup and skincare company! The products are USA manufactured, pure, made with fruit and plant based pigments and ingredients. 

They offer great specials, gift sets, and year-long sales! Along with a rewards program that offers perks on purchases for everyone!

Bonus: If you’re student you can snag 10% off!

Check out my YouTube video, recorded with 100% Pure products.



I have been using the Beachwaver since it launched in 2012.  These are the BEST rotating curling irons ever!


Use code: MARISAWAVE for 10% off


Click here for my YouTube Beachwaver tutorial


Do you like doing barre at home?  Or perhaps ballet?  … Then you need the affordable ” Booty Kicker ” barre!  It is amazing! As an instructor I love its versatility!  It is portable, foldable, and storable!  My link saves you $35 off and you get a free exercise ball!   

This durable barre includes: racks for weights, rolling wheels, floor gripping, hinge design for folding flat, and an authentic wooden barre.

Includes a money back guarantee that allows you to evaluate your purchases for up to 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied during this evaluation period, you can return your purchase to receive a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping + handling charges. 

Stroops DorBarre is another barre I have that is easy to move to any room in my home or to travel with!  It provides a studio-level barre experience at home.  It is also perfect for any age with a fast and easy to setup for barre or ballet. 

It is as easy as 1-2-3.  Just secure and adjust the DorBarre to your door and begin your workout in minutes!  The DorBarre can be left on the door or easily removed and stowed away.

Click here to get yourself one!  It is listed under the SHOP > Anchors (category)

Posture Pump brought me so much relief and helped me heal after a car crash in 2016.  The result of that car crash was a cervical disc herniation and decompression with the Posture Pump was an amazing tool for me!

I recommend it to everyone!  They also sell another unit for spinal decompression. I’m so grateful to my chiropractor for introducing me to and teaching me how to use the Posture Pump. 

Lebert Equalizer Bars


Code: MARISAISABEL for 20% off

As a certified TRX trainer, I recommend the TRX Suspension Trainer for use during therapy and for rebuilding muscle/cardiovascular strength. It is a great addition for bodyweight training at home, on the go, and in the gym!



Beachbody On Demand (BOD) 

Work out at home for $99 a year! With a huge variety of workouts.


I’ve tried so many health shakes and some have tasted like chalk.  Yuck!  I actually enjoy the taste of Shakeology and so does my family.  I like to whip it up in my blender, add some fruit, greens, and some other supplements for a post workout shake or a quick meal. I also like to make snack bars and balls with it.  Yum!

I prefer Vegan Shakeology because of my lactose intolerance.  However, they also have a Whey based version of the superfood shake. Flavors include: chocolate, cafe latte vanilla, strawberry, and greenberry.  The barista pack is my fav and only enough, I don’t even like coffee, haha!

Click here to learn more!

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Fabletics is one of the best places to get affordable athlesiure and exercise wear.  Everything from complete outfits, leggings, sports bras, sneakers, and more!

I have been a customer for years and can attest to the quality.  The best part of Fabletics is not only is it affordable but the apparel comes in a variety of sizes, wears well, is comfortable. and lasts a long time!

Carbon 38 offers a variety of activewear, shoes, and athleisure with styles ranging from everyday to trendy.  Their philosophy of the DNA of activewear lies in fit, fabric, and function.  

Prive Revaux has quality eyewear for prescription and non-prescription glasses.  These shades come polarized and with blue light filters. Collection styles include: sunnies, blue light glasses, readers, and RX. 

Grab yourself a pair starting at $29! I myself, own a pair of sunnies and blue light glasses. 

Shop all the latest and authentic by Zumba® Fitness apparel, sneakers, and products for your next fitness class. Zumba offers free shipping for orders over $49 and free returns.

For 10% off Use Promo code

Let’s go Mets!!!  I grew up a baseball fan.  My father is a huge fan of the NYM and baseball!! So we’ve been going to games for years!

I’ve bought many great gifts, clothing, hats, memorabilia, and more at  They offer the best sales, quality merchandise, and everything lasts!  

Whether you’re a fan of the Mets, Yankees, Phillies, Dodgers, Sox, or more… You can be sure to get the best of the best to represent your team all year long at! 



she works His way is a discipleship community for working women who love Jesus.  Equipping, encouraging, and connecting women working for the glory of God and the good of others.

From the first day I joined the swHw community, I felt at home. It is a safe, encouraging, and welcoming space. The community is full of women who serve in diverse callings, with a variety of career backgrounds, but with a unified love for the Lord!

As a local leader, I have the honor of representing she works His way, bringing swHw to local cities, and hosting quarterly gatherings for women who live in nearby cities and states. 

My friends Somer & Michelle wrote a book, “she works His way”. Check it out here

Revival Today Fitness is an extension of Revival Today, both are ministries of Evangelists Jonathan and Adalis Shuttlesworth.  Revival Today is a ministry that prioritizes soul winning and provides Biblical teaching for victorious living, that includes a church home base (launching 12/31/21) located in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Revival Today Fitness offers education regarding health, fitness, and nutrition. This information is designed for educational purposes only.  I have the honor of joining Adalis Shuttlesworth in this mission, as a contributor for Revival Today Fitness ministry sharing my professional expertise in fitness and holistic wellness with a faith based perspective. 

So you want to start a podcast? Amazing! Starting a podcast is one of the best ways to build an audience and grow your business, even if you’re starting out from scratch. But the process of getting a podcast up and running can feel daunting.

What equipment and software should you use? How do you get your show up on iTunes? If you’re just starting out, I’ve got the perfect tool for you. The Podcast Cheat Sheet will help you cut out the confusion and begin planning a podcast that launches well, gets noticed, and (most importantly) gets heard. The cheat sheet by Pat Flynn will help you hone in on the why of podcasting, define the unique qualities of your show, and plan your first episodes. It even gives you a checklist so you don’t trip up on any of the technical aspects.  Your audience is waiting to hear from you! Don’t miss out—grab this free cheat sheet today! Click the image link to download the Podcast Cheat Sheet!

AFPA, American Fitness Professionals Association, is where I chose to get my board certifications for Health and Wellness Coach, Holistic Health Coach, and Holistic Nutrition.  After receiving these board accredited certifications, I was able to pursue becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner. Their student and alumni support is great too!  They offer many professional certifications in fitness, health, and wellness.  I’d recommend AFPA for other professionals as well!  Click for more and if have any other questions feel free to ask.    

ACE, American Council on Exercise, is where I chose to get my Certification for Personal Training.  They support their students with weekly study groups and an in depth study program.  Upon graduating, they provided certified professionals with continuing eduction!  They offer many professional certifications in fitness, health, and wellness.  I’d recommend ACE for other fitness professionals as well!  Click for more and if have any other questions feel free to ask.