Fitness Mindset for Beginners


Before you can move into anything new in your life you have to first move into somewhere new on the inside.  It’s an internal operation before its an external operation. 

– Jen Tringale 

I am not afraid to start or finish something.

You know that feeling where you have all kinds of nervous butterflies in your stomach?  You’re excited, nervous, and sort of in a strange feeling of pain at the same time? You’re thoughts are  all over the place.  You’re saying, “What did I get myself into?  Can I do this?  What am I thinking?  Should I do this?  Do I have time to back out?” –

 I’ve had that feeling many times before in different situations.  But this particular day it was different.  I wasn’t just getting up to quote something I had memorized or read a speech with notecards that I had written in front of me.  I was teaching a dance fitness class to a room full of about 20 women and some on site staff members who were all complete strangers.  I started my day off with prayer and asked the Lord to make it all about Him, fully knowing my strength and talent would never be enough.  

October 20, 2012, I taught my first Zumba class at a women’s conference I had an upset stomach and threw up about 2 hours before teaching! Gross, I know! I had practiced and memorized the music. I had done everything to prepare for it.  Yet, I was still so nervous because solo teaching was something new to me!  Mind you it also wasn’t first time I threw up with something fitness related.  I did the same thing the first time I tried Crossfit with a new crowd of people! Both times I wanted to do it! I was determined to push past my “feelings” and just go for it! 

I had to convince myself that I could do it and I was more than capable of it! It was uncomfortable, as it always is when you try something new. During these times I often repeat, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  – Philippians 4:13.  To be honest sometimes it is the only verse I can remember in those moments of nervousness, stress, or pain.  That verse and the Lord’s strength is always enough for that season or moment in time.  

I made it through those moments and I enjoyed it!  But even if I didn’t, I can still say I tried and I have no regrets. We have to take steps towards action with faith and allow the Lord to empower us.  YOU are also CAPABLE of trying new things, overcoming obstacles, and pursuing your passions, and making a better life for yourself! 

Your body CAN do ANYTHING, it is your MIND and your SPIRIT you have to CONVINCE!  




2 Samuel 6:14 says,”And David danced before the Lord with all his might…” So did I did that day and throughout the many opportunities the Lord gave me after…  

– Marisa Isabel